La Prudencia

La Prudencia

In 1910 Don Prudencio Benito founds the company “La Prudencia” in Villacastín (Segovia) set in the Campo Azálvaro sierra, to the North East of the Guadarrama sierra. That area has always been well-known for the elaboration of pork products, since the XV century. According to the chronicles, Cristobal Colombus included these products in his provisions when travelling to what came to be the Discovery of America.

Don Prudencio set up one of the first slaughter houses and factories in the province. Nowadays, the third generation of the family, grandsons of the founder, follow the customs, with the same traditional criterion to achieve a quality recognised as one of the best in Spain.

La Prudencia controls the breeding, feeding and castration of the animals with the most modern technology, supervised by our own experts. The animals are sacrified in our slaughter house, where they are carved up. The hams, shoulders and loin sausages are cured in our drying-rooms and cellars located at more than 1.100 meters high up in the sierra. Its the climate, extreme summers and winters, and the geographical location of this sierra, together with the low salt content of our products that enables us to offer you the magnificence of our hams, shoulders and loin sausages.

Elaborated following the artisan tradition, our hams are known to be the best Iberian and “Serrano” hams.

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